We’ve tested the ProMAX IBC Stainless Tote Heaters & Poly Tank Heaters for all around general use applications!  Here are the results.

promax stainless tote heaters

Case in point – the ProMAX 275 & 330 Gallon (model HA275 & HA330) IBC Tote Heaters with silicon insulated heating elements heat quickly and offer superior insulation against cold warehouse and/or outdoor weather conditions.  Available in 120V & 240V options & 1800 watts of heating power, the ProMAX will achieve a high-temp of 212F and customers are demanding this high-heat technology. Heating and maintaining temperature in a variety of materials has never been easier.  Safely heats and insulates food products, chemicals, water and other temperature sensitive solutions for year round temperature control.  Viscous materials slowing down your operations?  ProMAX Tote Heaters will save you money and time while helping you maintain an even and consistent temperature year-round.  Adjustable straps and pinpoint temperature control via their digital controller make this a very popular model. CALL (866) 805-4328 to order or BUY NOW.

 Stainless Tote Heaters & Tanks Heaters

  • Rapid Heating up to 100° C (212° F)
  • Digital Controls fro Pinpoint Accuracy
  • Adjustable Buckles & Straps for a Snug Fit
  • Voltage Options from 110V to 240V and Above
  • Safely Heat Chemicals, Petroleum, Food Products & More
  • In-Stock and Available for Immediate Shipment Worldwide!
  • BEST All-Around Stainless Tote Heaters for ANY & ALL Applications


ProMAX also offers a wide variety of tote tank heaters for IBC stainless totes in sizes ranging from 120 Gallon to 793 Gallon and larger.  Heating your stainless totes & tanks has never been easier.

stainless tote heaters
                                                                                    Stainless Tote Heaters

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Custom ProMAX Tote Heaters fit all major sizes of stainless tanks including: 120 Gallon (454 l). 126 Gallon (477 l). 165 Gallon (625 l). 180 Gallon (681 l). 245 Gallon (927 l). 300 Gallon (1135 l). 350 Gallon (1325 l). 400 Gallon (1514 l). 450 Gallon (1703 l). 500 Gallon (1893 l). 550 Gallon (2082 l). 793 Gallon (3000 l) and larger.  Safely heat aviation fuel, chemicals, food products, water, dairy, animal feed, molasses, corn syrup, and 1000 other products.

  • Is the product stored in your totes too thick to pour or pump due to cold temperatures?  ProMAX can help by heating and thinning heavy viscous IBC tote materials prior to pouring and pumping. These FULL-WRAP tote warming jackets fit all sizes from 100 to 1000 gallon totes and above.
  • Drum & Tote Heaters are needed in the chemical storage industry where heating of viscous materials during cold months is essential to help keep operations running smoothly.
  • Heaters designed for DEF, petroleum, food products and most other chemical storage totes.
  • Heat the liquid directly using our patented wrap around insulated heating jackets for drums, totes and tanks.
  • North America’s  largest supplier of tote heaters, drum heaters, and tank & silo heatersis just a phone call away.
  • Drum and tote heaters are used to keep or maintain specific required temperatures of your fluids as well as freeze protection for temperature sensitive chemicals and petroleum stored in IBC totes, drums, tanks and barrels.

Let ProMAX help solve your temperature control issues. With one of their tank or tote heating products you can speed up almost any process.  Low price guarantee and always Free Shipping in USA!  Safely heat a wide variety of tote tank materials including water, chemicals, epoxy resins, food products, petroleum and much more. ProMAX Tote Heaters are IN-STOCK & ready for immediate shipment.  Buy IBC Tote Heaters online and SAVE from the leader in Tote Heating equipment.  ProMAX covers ALL IBC Totes, holding any and ALL materials: Caged Tote, Poly, Stainless Tote Heaters and Hazardous Area Totes.  Call today for bulk and quantity pricing on all major brands of Tote Heating & Tote Warming Full-Wrap Jackets. CALL (866) 805-HEAT.

digital controller
Digital Temp Controller
mouse hole for tote
Mouse Hole Cut-Out

heating solutions for tanks drums and cylinders

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