Explosion-Proof Tote Heaters
Explosion-Proof Tote Heaters

Explosion-Proof Tote Heaters by Powerblanket.  Available in all sizes for Class 1 Division 1 & 2 Hazardous locations.  These hazardous location products are listed for use in Class 1 Division 1 or 2; Groups A, B, C & D Hazardous Environments with a maximum Temperature Classification of T4 (specify classification requirements when ordering). These custom designs are engineered specifically for totes and tanks ranging in size from 55 to 1000 gallon and above.


Power Density:  Extreme Freeze Protection -40°F

External Cord Length: 33 ft  (can be shorten upon customer request)

Temperature Control: Internal fixed preset thermostat

Vinyl Type:  CA16 Gray Alloy Vinyl (rated to -40°F)

Approximate Wattage: 1440 Watts

Approximate Amperage:  12 Amps

Voltage: 120V & 240V options available

Certified by ETL to UL, CE, CSA Safety Standards 

Power Cord:  All C1D1 & D2 certified heaters will come with open leads for plant wiring

This item includes:  Buckles & straps used for fastening the custom heaters snug against the IBC tote… providing optimal thermal contact and increased performance.

1-2 week lead time depending on quantity needed.

1 Year Manufacturers Warranty

Wrap it in a Powerblanket an you’ll never use another competitors heater again. We guarantee it! Stop messing with hazardous heating belts and immersion heaters. Utilizing patented GreenHeat Technology, Powerblanket takes the hassle out of heating your temperature sensitive tote materials. Explosion-Proof safety certified C1D2T4.

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Hazardous Area IBC Tote & Drum Heaters, Hot Plates, Industrial Lighting and other “Hazardous-Area” products with UL, CSA, CE, ATEX and IECEx Certifications for CLASS 1 & ZONE 1 use in flammable and explosive areas.  Safely heat your hazardous materials and liquids with Powerblanket and ThermoSAFE intrinsically safe heaters – The #1 names in intrinsically safe and explosion-proof industrial heating.  Now stocking VOLT Industries explosion-proof lighting and portable power stations.

explosion-proof tank heatersexplosion-proof heaters

  • Explosion Proof Area Certified
  • Class 1 & Zone 1 Certifications
  • Fits Larger and Smaller IBC Totes, Drums and Gas Cylinders
  • Multiple Voltage Options (120V & 240V)
  • Power cord supplied open ended to facilitate plant wiring.
  • Complete Certification Paperwork Supplied with each Order!

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